Our Purpose: To advocate for the people and programs dedicated to laboratory animals used in biomedical research.

Through the careful monitoring of legislation, rules and policies, we helped protect biomedical research. Just a few of our successes are listed below.

  • In the current legislative session, NJABR monitors over 170 animal related bills and provided educational guidance on several that would have an adverse impact on biomedical research in New Jersey.
  • We provided information that was ultimately used to draft amendments to bills that could have made it impossible to conduct research using specific models in New Jersey, including a prohibition on the transportation of certain species in New Jersey and legislation that would have prohibited non-face-to-face sales of dogs and cats, including research animals. The amendments ultimately developed ensure that research will continue without disruption in New Jersey.
  • We educated individuals about the anti-research goals of the misguided “Beagle Freedom Bill” and about New Jersey’s research institutions’ existing animal adoption programs, which put the needs of research animals first.
  • We monitored regulatory processes at the federal and state levels and submitted comments to the United States Department of Agriculture, The United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs on issues of importance to biomedical research.

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NJABR dedicates time and energy to cultivating strong relationships to drive successful programming and to strengthen the community through collaboration and cooperation. Together, we greatly enhance the value of our advocacy.

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