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June 27-28, 2017

2017 Advocacy Summit
The Palace at Somerset Park – Somerset, New Jersey

For two days in late June, NJABR is seeking to bring together representatives from all of the state and national advocacy and professional organizations that are involved in the lab animal research community, as well as representatives from research institutions, public and private, to find common ground and come together on key issues. The goal of the event will be to improve on the work being completed on behalf of our collective members and the research community as a whole, as well as to explore new advocacy messages and methods.

Additional details are coming soon

September 22, 2017

The Palace at Somerset Park – Somerset, New Jersey

NJABR’s annual IACUC Conference is the region’s premier training event for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee members and managers, laboratory animal veterinarians, animal welfare compliance specialists, laboratory animal care staff and other research team members.

Attendees will be provided with opportunities to discuss how to best improve animal welfare, review research and ensure that it is approved and conducted in accordance with all laws, regulations and guidelines, including requirements from funding agencies, accrediting bodies and institutional policies.

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November 9, 2017

3Rs Sharing Conference VI
Boston Marriott – Newton – Newton, Massachusetts

We are pleased to again partner with our colleagues from the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, as well as the newly formed North American 3Rs Collaborative, to develop our 6th Annual 3Rs Sharing Conference.

The conference will include presentations on key research developments, practical skills development and planning sessions to help advance 3Rs initiatives. we will also offer forward-looking techniques and technical information to conference attendees through focused breakout sessions. We encourage you to participate and engage with experts who are developing innovative strategies to move science forward.

Spring and Fall 2017

3Rs Webinar Series

With the growing emphasis on alternative approaches and the implementation of the 3Rs in biomedical research, NJABR is proud to once again offer its internationally-recognized the 3Rs Webinar Series. The webinars provide neutral forums where the scientific community can share best practices and evidence-based approaches that speed the science and improve animal welfare.

A portion of this year’s webinar series will complement the 3Rs Sharing Conference VI.

Additional details are coming soon

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