Thank you for your interest in the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research. As one of the best advocacy organizations representing the biomedical research community in the country, we look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and work to advance human and animal health together.

Our mission:
To promote public understanding of biomedical research in advancing human and animal health.

For nearly three decades, NJABR has been dedicated to education, outreach and advocacy on behalf of the biomedical research community. We have allocated resources, both human and financial, to fulfilling our mission in the following three priority areas:

  • Educational Programming
  • Legislative Advocacy Initiatives and Legal Monitoring
  • Outreach and Collaboration

Members utilize our services and benefits in many different ways, but NJABR is known for the development of internationally recognized educational programming and legal and legislative monitoring. NJABR is not afraid to address the controversial issues that impact the research community and we advocate tirelessly to increase the understanding of the critical role and value of animal research. We advocate for continued access to all biomedical research models and to ensure New Jersey, and the country as a whole, become better places to conduct research.

NJABR works tirelessly to protect research that improves human and animal health. We expanded our internationally-recognized education programs and advanced laboratory animal welfare through greater collaboration with our state and national colleagues. We engaged New Jersey’s policymakers, regulators and the public on important biomedical research issues with a goal to promote science-based decisions and the understanding of life-saving medical innovations made possible through laboratory animal research. We have no doubt that our efforts help make New Jersey a better place to conduct research.

With your support and participation, we will continue to expand our advocacy and member services and provide the high level educational programming that the research community has come to expect, while still maintaining cost efficient operations.

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PO Box 484,
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NJABR dedicates time and energy to cultivating strong relationships to drive successful programming and to strengthen the community through collaboration and cooperation. Together, we greatly enhance the value of our advocacy.